Here you will discover the magic and power of AR (augmented reality)

and VR (virtual reality),

Here you will handle objects that do not yet exist,

Here you will experience dangerous situations, without taking the slightest risk,

From here you will go to distant places,

From here you will transport yourself elsewhere,

Welcome to Le Pavillon


All studies prove it: immersive technologies will have a huge impact on companies, use cases , professions... Almost all industries are concerned,


However, there was no place dedicated to VR/AR uses outside entertainment.

Le Pavillon is committed to helping companies discover the most remarkable cases of AR and VR uses.

Those experiences, which aim to bring about a change in behaviour, generate commitment, trigger emotions and encourage exchanges, have been selected by Le Pavillon from the best developers and production studios in France, Europe and North America.

Le Pavillon is as much for the novices, to make them discover the potential of immersive technologies, as for the experts, in order to design with them new use cases.

Antilogy a pour mission est  de favoriser la diffusion d'expériences immersives auprès des utilisateurs actuels et futurs, et contribuer au développement des différents acteurs de l'écosystème AR / VR

Le Pavillon was designed by

Antilogy's mission is to promote the distribution of immersive experiences, and contribute to the development of the different actors of the AR/VR ecosystem.

NUMA supports startups, companies and civil society actors in their innovation strategies.

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